The RCM #17/36 Deg. Locking Piece is one of the best ways to slow down & tame that 21). Can also be used for HK91/G3 special projects such as suppressors, & heavier than normal loads. This is also the factory correct locking piece for all HK21E’s. This can be adapted to many HK custom builds & applications. This locking piece is the lowest degree of any locking piece available in the wide range of HK’s locking piece family. The HK German  #17 locking piece is no longer in production or available. So get the US made version of it  and save big!

  • HK G3, 91, PTR
  • HK Custom Builds or clones
  • HK 21E. series
These are also the best LP to use when using a suppressor on your HK91, G3 style of firearm.

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