HK P30 .40 Cal To .357 SIG Conversion Barrel

Each barrel is finely & painstakingly made from ordnance grade steel, heat treated & finished inside & out in the ultra- desirable “nitride” finish. This is the finest barrel available for the HK P30 .40 Cal.
This barrel offering is a .357 SIG conversion barrel that is a drop in barrel that will convert the standard P30 to shoot the popular .357 SIG cartridge. This barrel offering is a flush fitted barrel the same length as the stock P30 .40 barrel.
Fits all HK P30 .40 cal pistols:
  • Traditional button rifled bore for use with jacketed and non-jacketed ammunition
  • 1:16 right hand twist
  • HK P30 standard length barrel
  • 4140 stress relieved & properly heat treated steel
  • Micro polished feed ramp
  • Machined to exact tolerances for proper fitment
  • Finished inside and out in the “Nitride” process for enhanced service life
  • 100% made in the U.S.A.

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