Each barrel is finely and painstakingly made from ordnance grade steel, heat treated and finished inside and out in the ultra- desirable “nitride” finish. This is the finest threaded replacement barrel available for the HK P30L 9mm pistol.
The perfect barrel for use as a spare or for replacement parts. Each P30L (Longslide) Tactical barrel is a drop in replacement for your HK P30L 9mm pistol.*** THREAD PROTECTOR INCLUDED.***
Fits all P30L 9mm models:
  • Traditional button rifled bore for use with jacketed and non-jacketed ammunition
  • Tactical threaded barrel threaded 13.5 x 1mm
  • 1:10 right hand twist
  • Overall length 5.05″
  • 4140 stress relieved & properly heat treated steel
  • Micro polished feed ramp
  • Machined to exact tolerances for proper fitment
  • Finished inside and out in the “Nitride” process for enhanced service life

***ATTENTION RCM INC. EXTENDED LENGTH THREADED BARREL USERS*** It has come to the attention of RCM INC. that some consumers of our threaded barrels for the HK line of pistols as well as the other pistol barrels we make are having difficulty with the functioning once they attach a silencer! The barrels we make are longer and have threads on them to facilitate the attachment of different muzzle devices. Depending on the weight of the attachments reliability can be a major factor! Different manufactures design slipper devices to allow the heavy can to stay stationary when the barrel begins to move once fired. This aids in reliability and sometimes recoil springs need to be change to different rates to insure reliability! Many factors come into play is regards to this specific functioning. If you receive an RCM INC. barrel and it functions the same as your stock barrel, with the same springs and ammunition and  then it fails to function with a silencer attached-THEN THE PROBLEM IS IN THE SILENCER DESIGN! So if this is a problem you are having with regards to reliability and it functions fine without a muzzle device-PLEASE CONTACT THE MANUFACTURER OF YOUR SILENCER OR MUZZLE DEVICE TO GET HELP TUNING YOUR SETUP WITH REEGARDS TO AMMO, SPRINGS, ETC! Thanks for purchasing the finest aftermarket barrels available from RCM INC. WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS

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