RCM Inc. was started in 1998, in a 2800 square foot facility in Pine Arizona.

At the time, we were primarily machining aerospace parts for various job shops in the Phoenix area. It wasn’t long before we grew in size, and developed an interest in machining gun parts, especially assault rifle and submachine gun parts. We started producing HK-style parts for the MP-5, including carriers, bolts, extractors, trunnions, barrels, and even receivers. We also started producing 5.56 NATO barrels for the 93 series HK assault rifle, and 7.62 NATO barrels for the 91 series of HK assault rifles. This remains one of our best product lines thanks to the precision, quality, and reputation RCM has earned in the HK parts business.

With our success came the need for a much larger facility, so in 2002 we constructed a new facility in Payson, AZ. At 6400 square feet, we have 10 CNC’s and several manual machines. This gives us the ability to manufacture not only our original line of products, but to grow with new products as well as new customers.

Our business model has always been to produce the highest quality precision machining for a competitive price! With over 75 years of combined machining experience the owners of RCM have the knowledge to design, reverse engineer, or machine just about anything that fits in our machines!

With competitive pricing and the highest quality standards in machining, we decided to get into the field of high quality products designed for hunters. This led to entirely new product lines, including tripods, binocular adapters, and pan heads. Our binocular adapter stud fits many brands, including the Swarovski brand of binoculars (in fact, we put a binocular stud in the Swarovski EL series binoculars that’s factory approved). All of these products are sold by Outdoorsmans of Phoenix, AZ.

Being hunters ourselves made the transition to these types of products easy. After much interest in our quality and precision, we started acquiring new customers, like McMillan Firearms. We created the G30, the Alias, and even some TAC .50 actions for them (until their recent buyout by SAC). We simultaneously made the actions for Lazzaroni Rifles as well, although their production was limited. We currently produce actions, bolts and all the related parts for MOA Rifles as well.

Our latest product is the RCM action, made of the finest materials with proprietary heat treating, and the highest precision possible. This large action is capable of the biggest magnum calibers up to any of the Remington Ultra Mags, and also the 6.5-284 with an extra long magazine making it the finest hunting, tactical, or target action available!