With a long history of making assault rifle, and machine gun parts it was a natural step for RCM Inc. to start making all kinds of HK parts. The reason we have been so successful at making HK type replacement parts is our commitment to precision, quality and value!

Starting out with the HK MP-5 submachinegun line of parts allowed us to refine the processes giving the customer the assurance that our parts meet the German specs in dimension as well as the material and heat treat. These parts are unique in their design, material and heat treat making it very difficult to end up with the same or even better quality than the German counterparts. We have done that, getting high marks and recommendations from not only occasional builders but big companies building hundreds of guns for the consumer market!

Our reputation for precision and quality has helped make us one of- if not the largest suppliers of HK type full auto, and semi auto parts all made right here in the USA! That being said we stand behind everything we make 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We believe in the old fashioned notion of customer service, if you’re not happy we’re not happy!

We recently started producing many different HK replacement pistol barrels with extended length and threads to accommodate silencers! The pistol models we have made are USP, USP Compact, VP-9, Mark 23, HK45, P30, and P2000. The other added benefit to these barrels besides being able to have a silencer screw on is the fact that they have conventional rifling giving them the ability to shoot cast lead bullets without the lead fouling problem of the factory barrels. The barrels are machined from premium blanks and heat treated to our specs giving fantastic accuracy and reliability.