Each Bolt Head incorporates a mixture of the finest quality RCM parts. Making up a new complete bolt head ready for use. Ideal to replace out of spec bolt heads, worn out or old generation bolts. Fits on semi or full auto 9mm’s pistols or rifles. Each bolt head is made from a solid billet with the new Action 3 roller retainer spring  and all  upgraded “F” style specification and enhancements.

    Each 9mm MP5 & MP5K Bolt Head Features:

  • RCM Bolt Head – Made made from an enhanced steel
  • RCM Extractor – Made to true F specs of enhanced steel
  • Extractor spring
  • Roller retainer spring upgrade
  • 8mm rollers (pair)
  • Roller retainer pin

Fits all 9mm roller locks:

  • MP5, MP5K
  • SP89, HK94
  • Zenith, POF, Clones & Custom builds

All of our US made parts use a new enhanced grade steel, heat treated to HK factory specifications. As an added bonus each bolt head counts as 1 US Compliant part. This is simply the finest bolt head HK or otherwise for the money. Made right here in the USA with all of the latest upgrades & improvements.

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