The rifle actions that RCM manufactures are made with the finest American made 17-4 Stainless steel. Fully heat treated, this action is based on the tried and true Remington type action. The action and all the other parts are machined to tight tolerances, providing the most accurate action possible with virtually no gun smithing required. It has a modified magazine box inlet to accept the factory box or the Wyatt MB-3 Extended Box. Feed lips are designed to feed a 6.5-284 to any of the Ultra Mag rounds. The receiver is the same diameter front and back to increase rigidity. Extended ejection port and longer bolt travel to accommodate the longest rounds with bullets set out for land engagement.

The scope base screws are 8-40 with cold forged oversize heads to provide the ultimate in holding power with .125 inch dowel pins in between the screws for positive alignment for both the two piece bases and the one piece base.

The bolt stop is machined from 17-4 as well giving it the perfect fit. Setting it farther back on the receiver gives longer bolt travel accommodating very long cartridges, something most receivers do not. The recoil lug that goes between the barrel and the receiver is precision ground and hardened throughout. This lug is also pinned so that locating it on the receiver is a cinch!

The bolt is made of American made 9310, as well as the bolt handle. The bolt is made from one piece billet bar stock with the handle silver soldered on. The bolt is through hardened and ground for precision. The bolt sports a M16 style extractor produced by Badger Ordnance. The bolt is also cut with spiral flutes to decrease weight and add styling cues.

The bolt handle is threaded 5/16-24 for any compatible aftermarket knobs, it comes with either an aluminum knob or a 9310 knob. Our knobs are also spiral fluted to match the bolt body. The bolt shroud is engraved with the RCM logo and has straight flutes to decrease weight.

Firing pin is also 17-4 stainless steel and the unit can be removed in the field without the aid of tools.

The receiver is available with either a one piece base or a two piece base both compatible with picatiny style rings. Both styles of bases are machined with 20 MOA machined into them to allow for the correct scope angle for extreme long range shooting. Both styles of bases are machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodized for durability.

The Aluminum Bottom Metal is an Oberndorf Style for Remington inlets both Long and Short action. Provided by Hawkins Precision. The billet follower is hard anodized as well for added durability. Follower spring and action screws are provided as well.

Purchasing a RCM action assures you of getting the utmost in quality and precision available today. The RCM action is built with pride in the USA, made by hunters and shooters that know quality, giving you the best action available anywhere in the world!