Each bolt group incorporates RCM’s F Style Carrier, Bolt Head, Extractor and 100 degree Locking Piece, We teamed up with other manufactures for the supporting parts that are made to the highest degree of quality. This Group is 100% US made and the finest out there. Complete and ready to drop in and use. Ideal to replace those out of spec bolt groups or to keep as spare parts. Each MP5 F/A bolt group will work with semi or full auto 9mm’s pistol or rifles.

Each 9mm HK MP5, 94 Bolt group includes:
  • RCM Bolt Head- True F Style, Complete with RCM Extractor,Spring and Roller Set
  • RCM Locking Piece- 100 degree
  • Firing Pin- US to exact HK specs
  • Firing Pin Spring- US to HK specs
  • RCM Bolt Carrier- latest F style
  • Recoil Assembly- US made & micro polished for enhanced reliability
  • Simply the finest American Made Bolt Group Available for a fair and honest price. ANYWHERE!

Fits all 9mm:

  • MP5, 94,
  • Clones or other custom builds

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